Motor Skills


One-act plays about relationships, sex, love, and manipulation.

…And Scene

end_scene_3Written by William LoCasto. An energetic session between an acting coach and his two pupils leads to a most unexpected conclusion. What begins as a seemingly typical tutorial, quickly becomes a power struggle, an exercise in manipulation and control, in which the participants have no choice but to continue playing along whether they like it or not. Starring Leicester Landon, Nicolas Townsend, and Austin Helms (pictured, l-r). Directed by Alex Beck.

The Suitcase

Written by William LoCasto. An old suitcase discovered in the attic inspires a trip down memory lane for a married couple, bringing very different results for each. The play serves as an exploration of memories themselves, how they are remembered, how they are interpreted, how they affect those involved, and ultimately, how we reconcile them…or how we don’t. Starring Kathy Towson and Mike Boland. With original music by Mike Boland. Directed by William LoCasto. Full video below.