This website encompasses my endeavors as a creative director, video/film editor, and playwright. It represents my passions, the forms of expression to which I am the most devoted.

The commonality among all artistic ventures is that they begin with a blank slate and utilize a similar skill set—inspiration, innovation, imagination—but each in entirely different ways. The common thread for me however has always been a simple one: success equals diligence. Put very simply, designers design, filmmakers make films, and writers write.

As a creative director, my goal is always to find the most effective balance of imagery, typography, and spatial relationships to best communicate what the brand requires. The integrity of the concept and its execution is always paramount, my first and foremost responsibility.

Video and film editing brings into play an entirely different mindset, one that is not bound by the rules of 2D, employing a myriad of additional variables and alternate tools. I find immense satisfaction in exploring the medium of video and film, in conceptualizing art through motion, time, distance, and perspective.

As a playwright, I’ve been produced on NYC stages since 2004, my first play being The Plot: A Murder Mystery. My newest creation, Sessions, was performed for three shows as part of NY Winterfest 2019 and it was beyond thrilling. To this day, reaching an audience with my words is always especially rewarding.

The best thing about any project is the feeling of excitement that comes along with it, being presented with challenges and then rising to those challenges. Being the most well-rounded artist continues to be my aim, to avoid stagnation, and to improve on a daily basis. Onward and upward.

Cheers and thank you for visiting!!