Social Media


Between my personal page and WJLoCasto Designs, Facebook has proven to be an invaluable way to share all of my graphic design work, whether print, digital, or video/film production. Mastery of this platform is essential to maintaining an ongoing relevant digital presence. Below are examples of the numerous ways I have utilized this unparalleled stage. Link to WJLoCasto Facebook page.

WJLoCasto Designs Facebook Cover Art
Event page for my play “Sessions“, premiering in March 2019.
Event page for my play “Blind Study“, premiering in August 2015.
Event page for Cheryl King’s “Gender: A Performance Project“, premiering in December 2017.


The go-to place for all my video posting, Vimeo has become an indispensable platform and one that I use frequently. Projects include: promotional videos, animated logos, Sessions trailer/performance, Poets, Of Course feature film. Link to my Vimeo Page.

best lawyers youtube channel

While at Best Lawyers, I created video content and posted those videos to the company’s YouTube channel which I maintained on a regular basis. Videos promoted upcoming issues and new company-wide initiatives. Link to Best Lawyers YouTube channel.