The Naked Untruth


JAMIE MORGAN IS YOUR TYPICAL, 35-YEAR-OLD, NEW YORK CITY GAY MALE. He’s smart, attractive, holds down a steady job, works out regularly, and is an all-around good citizen, in his not-so-humble estimation. And for all this, he rewards himself with the fruits that his responsible life has earned him. Each weekend is filled with as much recreation as can reasonably fit in a two-day, three-night window.

In short, he’s living the life he always dreamed he’d be living, the life he always felt he was entitled to. He’s successfully moved away from being the young closeted boy, the boy who was looking to break free from his overbearing, single mother and all that she has expected of him over the years. The identity that he has been seeking is now his own and he wears it victoriously.

This level of balls-to-the-wall confidence has its drawbacks however, a fact that Jamie chooses to ignore. He ignores the fact that his drinking, drug use, and sexual escapades are somewhat out of control. He ignores the fact that his migraines, at one time a mere annoyance, have transformed into a serious issue with increasingly troubling results. But for Jamie Morgan, the time for ignoring things is about to come to a screeching halt.

Friday night, Memorial Day weekend, a night that is tagged for the debauchery that fills every Friday night and then some. The migraine begins as it usually does and Jamie quickly moves into “band-aid” mode. Advil will fix it, he thinks. What follows is dizziness, disorientation, and ultimately the loss of rational thought. Jamie soon forgets his name, where he is, and most importantly, what action he should take to save his own life, to keep from dying on his apartment floor.

Finally in a moment of cognitive reasoning, he flees from his apartment in only his boxer shorts without his keys or phone, with no idea of where he’s going or why, just that he’s going, down to the lobby of his building where he frightens his neighbors and passers-by with his endless, incomprehensible ranting.

After the police are called, they quickly realize that he needs immediate medical attention and he is taken to the nearest emergency room where Dr. Benjamin informs him that a team of doctors has gone right to work on him to save his life and figure out what exactly is going on with him. While Dr. Benjamin continues her investigation, Jamie recounts the events that have lead him to his precarious position…..